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Exclusive Services

As an experienced US trained and licensed therapist, my practice is dedicated to serving you through a holistic and humanistic approach that encompasses coaching, counseling, and consulting services. With a specialized focus on the unique challenges faced by expatriates, I am committed to working closely with individuals, families, and couples within the expat community. 


As a counselor providing consulting services, I offer a wide range of services to help individuals and couples improve their personal and professional lives. These include providing advice and guidance on personal or professional matters, supporting clients on relationships and other life issues, developing strategies to overcome challenges, assisting with goal setting, helping with decision-making, and teaching skills to improve communication and problem-solving. My goal is to help clients develop the tools they need to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Consulting is typically short term and focused on a specific issue or area. 



I focus on expat counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Counseling is a deep process that uncovers why behaviors happen and makes a plan for change. We might talk about the past, handle feelings, and manage stress. The aim is to heal emotions and thoughts.

I create a safe space where clients can talk about worries and find solutions. My way is personal, fitting everyone's needs and wishes. I trust your choices and support you. You'll learn skills to steer your life.

Being certified in the Gottman Method, I offer marriage, premarital, couples, and co-parenting help too.

Counseling can be short or long, depending on what we're working on.



As an expat coach, my role involves partnering with you to achieve your personal and professional goals while enhancing your overall life as an expatriate. Together, we'll uncover your strengths, values, and aspirations, creating strategies to overcome challenges and achieve your desired outcomes. Expatriate coaching can also foster healthier relationships, improved communication, and enhanced self-esteem in the context of your unique journey.

I'm here to provide ongoing support, accountability, and guidance as you work towards your goals as an expat. Our coaching sessions can be conducted in-person or online, with regular check-ins and progress assessments. Each session will involve crafting specific action plans and identifying strategies to keep you motivated and on the path to success in your expat experience.

Whether you're seeking to accomplish a specific expat-related goal, overcome challenges that arise from living abroad, or simply enhance your overall quality of life in a new country, expat coaching offers you a valuable resource to navigate your expat journey successfully.


Couples Workshops

I'm a Level 2 Gottman Method therapist. My intensive workshops help couples enhance communication, deepen connection, and strengthen their bond. The Gottman Method is a proven approach backed by research and experience, fostering lasting positive changes.

In these interactive workshops, couples learn Gottman's principles like the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and the Sound Relationship House Theory. These tools foster understanding, effective communication, trust, and intimacy. Workshops adapt to couple's needs, offering practice in a supportive environment with facilitator feedback.

Open to couples at any stage, whether just starting out or long-term, the Gottman Method empowers overcoming challenges. If you're interested in improving your relationship and creating a stronger connection, reach out to explore our relationship workshops. 

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